May 2009 cellular data estimates, Russia and Ukraine

AC&M released its estimates on cellular market of Russia and Ukraine as of May 2009. Highlights of the market development in May are:

  • Number of subscribers (valid SIM cards) increased to 194.7 mln, up 1.9 mln from April 2009, 23.8 mln from May 2008;
  • Penetration increased to 134.1% (up 1.3% from April 2009, 16.4% from May 2008);
  • There were 195 and 174 SIM cards in use per 100 population in Moscow and St.Petersburg respectively as of May 31, 2009.
  • Number of subscribers (valid SIM cards) decreased to 55.1 mln, down 0.1 mln from April 2009, down 0.05 mln from May 2008);
  • Penetration decreased to 119.5% (down 0.1% from April 2009, up 0.5% from May 2008).

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Please not that penetration figures are calculated based on official numbers of population released by state statitical institutions of Russia and Ukraine.

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