Mobile Penetration in Russia is Above 156% as of 2011


Today we released December 2011 data on cellular subscribers for Russia and Ukraine.

There were 227.6 mn active SIM cards in Russian mobile networks by the end of 2011. Cellular operators added 8.4 mn new subscribers in Russia during the year.

Below is the summary of Russian cellular market as of December 2011.

  31-Dec-2011 30-Nov-2011
Total number of mobile subs in Russia 227,620,000 226,380,000
  Penetration Russia* 156.8% 155.9%
Total number of mobile subs in Moscow 36,016,287 35,937,283
  Penetration Moscow* 212.1% 211.6%
Total number of mobile subs in St.Petersburg 13,669,620 13,642,030
  Penetration St.Petersburg* 215.6% 215.2%
Total number of mobile subs in Russian Regions 177,934,093 176,800,687
 Penetration regions* 146.0% 145.1%

Ukrainian mobile market did not change much in 2011. Despite active December sales (+0.8 mn) the total number of subscribers decreased 0.4 mn over the year.

You may find more information in our Data Downloads section.